Wednesday, October 5, 2011

High-capacity battery for the Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of our favorite mobile Android phone.It is the most desired by so many others, especially after seeing its impressive performance and the elegant finishing that distills the terminal. Although one of its downsides has always been the autonomy of their autonomy, real Achilles heel of any smartphone. And, although i offered a few tricks for increasing the performance of the battery in the Samsung Galaxy S2, today we showed you the best of them all: the change to the new high-capacity battery of Samsung, an original accessory that gives 2000 mAh compared to 1650 mAh standard battery. And after having tested, what is your opinion we deserves this accessory? Let us look at. The high-capacity battery for Samsung Galaxy S2 comes in an elegant and tiny composite packaging by the above battery and a rear cover manufactured with the same materials as the original, by describing the absence of the gradient from your own sister, and a surface completely straight, which has the same drawing and with the logo of Samsung inscribed in silver letters on the bottom. This is something that is welcome, since it does not suffer the usual problems with other batteries of high capacity that are unlikely to bring about a lid of different materials and, generally, more bad. We note that the high-capacity battery of Samsung is only a couple or three millimetres thicker, while maintaining the same size and external appearance. Once inserted into the mobile phone, nor protrudes excessively, leaving tightly bound by its plastic cover and without the option of a move. The mobile doesn't look like much larger or bulk once we put the battery 2000 mAh, remained as manageable and easy to grasp, in addition to sustain. The back is now completely smooth, without the gap that presents originally and getting as well that it is founded best on flat surfaces, protecting completely the lens of the camera to the left is below the level of the new lid. Although we still have not finished of squeezing the maximum, if it is true that brings greater autonomy, increasing in a few hours the average regular use. Although it also increases the load time, of course. Even so, it is a purchase more than recommendable if acostumbrais to squeeze your phone and os is somewhat short for a normal day, providing for the original battery in the event that you need a relay. Although bonus to carry both batteries and tapas, something that can be somewhat cumbersome but that, surely, save you in more than one occasion. The high-capacity battery of Samsung can easily be found in several shops at a price of around 30 euros, being an official product and the guarantee and quality production of the manufacturer. find here

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