Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Photoshop Touch comes in November to Android tablets

In April, Adobe released the company's photo-editing applications for the Apple iPad: Eazen, Cover Wash and Adobe Nav. Now it's time for Android. The company announced in November will release Photoshop Touch app for the Android mobile operating system. According to Adobe, Photoshop Touch have the "essential functions" of the version of software available for tablets, making it possible to combine images, apply effects and share images on professional social networking. The application also interact with the camera user's device and generate files compatible with the version for computers. The creators of the application include the possibility of working with layers, selection tools and configuration, and Scribble function that eliminates entire elements of the images. Touch Besides Photoshop, Adobe will launch five applications in November, also available initially only equipped with Android tablets, all of them to edit photographs and images in general. This is College, Debut, Adobe Ideas, Kuler and Proto. Good news for those who like to tweak their images or those working in design. Adobe Photoshop Touch was just demoed on phase here at Adobe MAX, dropping many jaws and snagging enough cheers to get us excited. I really booked it just after the on-phase walk-through to Samsung’s booth to get a few hands-on time with it and also I’ve got to say, that this will probably be one cool device when it roll-outs in November. As a piece of computer software that won’capital t be here for an additional month, it had been very polished, an easy task to navigate, and powerful. While I am certainly not a PS expert, I saw every tool, brush, and environment that gets myself through my day time. The tablet in which Adobe is using to showcase this on is a prototype from Samsung that they received’t reveal significantly on (no this’s not running Ice Cream Sandwich). It had been built specifically for their new pen engineering that is pressure sensitive and allows you to draw, erase as well as choose colors inside a jiff. In reality, we aren’capital t sure this model will ever reach stores, but the idea of this type regarding pen experience on the tablet is interesting. The app will certainly run $9.99 when it is released. Update: In the Adobe brick executive team Q&A that is going on at this time, one question raised the idea associated with plug-ins in order to Photoshop Touch. Would there ever end up being any? As of now, there aren't any plans, but you obtain the feeling that Adobe has previously thought about this and will possibly introduce them in the foreseeable future. They did point out though, that tablets right now tend to be where PCs were 5 years back. What they imply by that is that we have a long way to go just before tablets can even come close as to the we can presently do on a pc. Could plug-ins come within the next year? Possibly. I feel NVIDIThe’s quad-core processor is one step towards this happening. Update 2: In case anybody was wondering, their new Touch apps were built inside Adobe AIR. Press release, including their other new Touch programs below.

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