Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to hide videos and pictures in android OS

Surely we have all wanted to keep secret some of these files, especially when it appears that in our mobile gallery presents default without being able to do anything but delete them so you do not see anyone going to take us to the terminal. But what if you really do not want to erase and hide only to those unauthorized eyes? Kii Safe For that application is essential for those who keep secrets from your photos and videos, allowing them safe from prying eyes in the mobile and without the misfortune of falling into the obligation to delete them.

  Kii Safe is a simple application of multimedia block with which we can hide those photos and videos that are all committed, being stored within the application itself, without appearing in public in the gallery and all protected by a password chosen by us of a minimum 4 numbers. After the first boot, we urge Kii Safe password and select that, once elected, we can access the gallery of the way we are used and choose one item or multiple items by clicking on the menu then "Share." Here we see that Kii Safe has positioned itself as selectable for content sharing application, and if you click on the icon will automatically be protected by a password selected those photos and videos, visible only through Kii Safe. So, to watch our media secrets, will have access through password Kii Safe program, and can select from in there if you want to share our files and delete or rotate your view. This application also leaves no trace in the records of recently used applications, so that if we hold Home to see what the latest that have been used Kii Safe does not appear, adding an extra point of security depending on the program itself. Although, as it says Fran in the comments, the elements are visible through a file browser, something that clashes with the security of the application. Safe Kii, the application that hide Android videos and photos, is available free and without advertising through the next image. No more problems about privacy. Hiding pictures and video tutorials with Keep Safe gives you satisfaction. Always be in a position to show your public gallery to your mates, family and colleagues. If you have got troubles, please e mail  at  Keep Safe is better than Vaulty because: Retain Safe allows for Free Unlimited Media Concealing with No Adverts. It contains many popular features including: * Hide Pics & Vids * View Invisible Media * Unhide Pictures & Vids from Safe * Share pictures coming from Keep Safe * Rotate Pics * Zoom Photos * No Ads * Multi-select * Full screen viewing * Slideshow * Disappears through 'recent apps' list One user's feedback: "This will be brilliant! Much much better than vault free! Absolutely no ads! Yay!" Unrestricted Media Concealment Unlike Vaulty, Keep Safe uses a quicker PIN sleeping pad access method that is much more handy for mobile cell phone users. Unlike Vaulty Pro, we don't conceal the photos inside of an app. However, I am thinking about adding such a characteristic. What do you believe? HOW TO Make use of KEEP SAFE ============= a single. Open the gallery 2. Select pictures/videos to hide 3. Press 'share' and choose Keep Safe. Carried out. If you nonetheless see the picture you just put, close the gallery and re-open it. You will find that it has gone after Keep Safe. FAQ === Q: How can I unhide pictures and videos? A: 1. Open Keep Secure and go towards the Images or Movies tab. 2. In the bottom bar, press 'Unhide' 3. Find the pictures you desire to unhide. 4. In the bottom part bar, press 'Unhide' 5. What is unhide action Q: Where tend to be my pictures following I unhide them? A: Your pictures will be within the same location since before they were hidden. Q: Why can I not see pictures after unhiding them? A: Sometimes the telephone needs to rescan the drift to find recently unhidden pictures. Test closing and beginning your Gallery iphone app or try restarting your telephone. Q: How can easily I retrieve my password? A: Uninstall the particular app and reinstall. Q; Are my hidden pictures stored online? A: No, Keep Safe stores pictures on your phone only. Q: Does Maintain Safe support .wmv video playback? A: No, Keep Safe does not necessarily play back .wmv files. Keywords: Hide Photos with Kii Risk-free, Hide pictures android os, like Vaulty, PicSafe, Picture Secure for Android, Level of privacy, Security, Hide video tutorials, Picture privacy, Burial container, Hide Photos, Heading Lock, Audio Manager, Hide Photos, Disguise Photo

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