Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quickoffice Connect Suite for Android

[Android Apps] The FIRST and ONLY Microsoft® Office productivity suite for Android devices to View and Edit Microsoft® Word, Excel & PowerPoint files with integrated access to multiple remote storage providers. Access, transfer, share and manage files on Google® Docs, Dropbox,, and MobileMe.

Anytime Office Editing

Create, edit, access, and share Microsoft® Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.
NEW UPDATE! Quickoffice® Pro takes mobile productivity to the next level with our most comprehensive suite ever for Android smartphones. Enjoy the ability to CREATE, VIEW, and EDIT, Microsoft® Office files including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.

Conveniently ACCESS files remotely from your Google® Docs, Dropbox, Box, Huddle™, SugarSync, and MobileMe™ accounts or from your SD card with our enhanced Connected File Manager. Also included is our advanced PDF viewer.

Get more from your Android device with this must-have award-winning productivity suite!
NEW Features in Version 4.0

    * Create, open, & edit PowerPoint® Files (.ppt & .pptx)
    * Clipboard access (cut/copy/paste in app and between apps)
    * Insert and resize images from gallery or camera
    * Text-to-speech document recital and voice input dictation
    * Edit and format table text in documents
    * Undo / redo most user actions
    * Thumbnail preview scrolling for multi-page documents
    * Improved toolbar and performance enhancements
    * Paragraph alignment in documents
    * Edit speaker notes in presentations
    * Share files from via e-mail, SMS, Bluetooth, and others
    * Support for advanced formulas more charts in Excel files
    * Edit in page layout mode and thumbnail page navigation in documents
    * Add, delete, and rename worksheets in Excel files
    * Apply formulas to multiple cells by tapping and dragging
    * Move & resize text boxes, images, and shapes
    * Install to SD card and save storage space on your device
    * … and much more!

Quickoffice Pro

    * Create, edit, and share Microsoft Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint® files
    * Get continuous and convenient mobile access to remote storage services
    * Access and manage email attachments with the most popular file formats
    * Experience advanced PDF viewing
    * Save files locally, on your remote storage provider, or to an SD card
    * Browse and open zip folders
    * 100% data integrity - guaranteed Microsoft compatibility
    * Localized in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

Quickword® - Advanced Word Document Processing

    * Create, edit and share Microsoft Word documents
    * Cut / Copy / Paste text in documents and between applications
    * Insert, resize, and rotate images from camera or gallery
    * Text-to-speech document recital and speech-to-text input dictation
    * Select and edit text intuitively with improved selection pins
    * Use continuous zoom for flick scrolling through multi-touch zoom
    * Apply extensive formatting of text styles (bold, italic, underline, etc.)
    * Apply font and highlight colors
    * View and edit bulleted and numbered lists
    * Align paragraphs (Center / Left / Right / Justify)
    * Eliminate repetitive scroll through wrapped text at any zoom level
    * Find text in documents, and view images and tables
    * Tap to follow hyperlinks, phone numbers and email addresses
    * Highlight text and perform Google search from within document
    * File support for Microsoft Word 97-2010 (.DOC, .DOCX, .DOCM, .DOT, .DOTX, .DOTM)

Quicksheet® - Advanced Excel Spreadsheet Editor

    * Create, edit and share Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets
    * Use continuous zoom for flick scrolling through multi-touch zoom
    * Format cells, columns, rows and ranges while formulas dynamically update
    * Insert, resize, and remove columns and rows
    * Cut / Copy / Paste cell ranges and rows
    * Format cell colors, alignment, and borders
    * Format text color, sizes, styles, and fonts
    * Easy formula editing - choose formula than select cells by tapping and dragging
    * Navigate quickly with "Go to Cell" feature
    * Find text within worksheets
    * Add, delete, and rename worksheets on a single screen
    * Use currency, accounting, date, time and scientific notation number formatting
    * Tap, hold and drag dimensions to increase or decrease column and row size
    * Support for doughnut and pie charts
    * Use 140 Excel formulas and functions
    * File support for Microsoft 97-2010 (.XLS, .XLSX, .XLSM, .XLA, .XLAM, .XLT, .XLTM, .XLTX)

Quickpoint® - Advanced PowerPoint Presentation Editor

    * Create, edit, and share PowerPoint presentations
    * Insert, reorder, and delete slides
    * Insert and resize images from camera or gallery
    * Cut / copy / paste text in presentations and across applications
    * Format font type, style, size, and color
    * Use continuous zoom for flick scrolling through multi-touch zoom
    * View presentations in portrait and landscape
    * Present on device or using external display
    * View slides in manual or automatic slide show mode
    * Quick navigation with "Go To Slide" feature
    * File support for Microsoft 97-2010 (.PPT, .PPTX, .POT, .POTX, .POTM, .PPTM, .PPA, .PPAM, .PPSX, .PPSM)

QuickPDF® - Advanced PDF Editor

    * Open PDF files, including password-protected and encrypted files
    * Experience multi-touch zoom and flick scrolling
    * Wrap text at any zoom level
    * Find text in documents
    * View and navigate with bookmarks
    * Rotate documents
    * Click and use hyperlinks, email addresses and phone numbers

Connected File Manager

    * Seamlessly Connect to Box, Google® Docs, Dropbox, Huddle, SugarSync and MobileMe
    * Open Microsoft Office documents and view non-Office files within the file manager
    * Create, copy, move, delete and rename files and folders
    * Sort files and folders by name, type, size or date
    * Browse and access Zip files as folders
    * View and open recent documents
    Installed on over 300 million devices in over 180 countries

    “Top 10 Must-Have Android Apps” - NY Times

    “Top 10 Finalist” - Mobile Apps Showdown CES 2011

    “Convenience at its finest.” -

    “If you're hoping to do some hardcore word processing on your Android phone, Quickoffice has your back.” -

    “…if you are a person who gets sent documents on the go and has a need to edit them on the go then you should look at Quickoffice.” - ZDNet

    “If you are a heavy Microsoft user and want to be able to view and edit documents, as well as store them on the cloud, then Quickoffice for Android may be for you.” - Wireless and Mobile News

    “Love the Google apps support! I used to use Microsoft's site to back up my documents, but now I use Google docs and can edit them anywhere!” - Current User

    “With this application I am able to handle all the information I need for my professional work and my personal life as well.” - Gullermo from Android Market

    “Works great to batch copy files to and from Google docs!” - John from Android Market


    Top 10 Must-Have Apps - NY Times

    35 Amazing Android Apps - Datamation

    Top 10 App - CES Mobile App Showdown 2011

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