Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jajah for Android

[Android Apps] : Call Facebook friends anywhere in the world. For free.

If your friend is online, you can call them. They don’t need the app, they don’t need to download anything. And you pay nothing*

Just click on a contact and they’ll get a Facebook chat message letting them know you’re calling. Once they accept the call you just talk. Free.*

Friends not on Facebook? No problem.

With JAJAH Mobile you can call anyone, anywhere at a fraction of the cost. Your contacts are automatically loaded from your phone and your JAJAH account, so you can simply click to call and save.

JAJAH Mobile uses the Internet (WiFi, 3G, GPRS) to set up the call. Once the call is connected it’s a regular call, meaning excellent, reliable call quality and no big charges for data usage

Free to download, easy to use, cheap to call.

How it works:
1.Download the app and log-in using your JAJAH credentials (you can sign up for a free JAJAH account if you don’t have one)
2. Connect to Facebook (for Facebook Calls)
3.The app will display all your Facebook friends and mobile contacts
4.Click the person you wish to talk to
5. JAJAH will connect the call.

This is just the beginning. This first JAJAH Mobile version is offered to users with a JAJAH account. Much like every other service we launch, it is simple to use and is meant to make your life easier when calling abroad. There will be much more exciting new features and improvements in the future. We are counting on your feedback to make this app the best it could be. For feedback please write to us

* Your operator will charge for a local call

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