Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Best Android Home Screen Replacement Apps

[Android Apps] If you don’t like the look of your stock Android Desktop, Home Screen Replacement apps are a great way change that. They allow you to alter the way your phone looks by changing the icons, shortcut docks along with several other things. There are plenty of them available in the market, but we picked 5 that stand out from the rest. Here are the Best Home Screen Replacement apps for your phone.

1. ADW.Launcher

ADW.Launcher will let you customize your android desktop in several different ways. The app drawer is customizable along with the drag & drop action buttons. You can also create your own app drawer button, if you don’t like the ones provided. The main thing I like about this one is the large number of themes available. They have more “good” themes than any other launcher in my opinion. The free version has many features, and the EX paid version has even more.

2. LauncherPro

LauncherPro is an awesome home screen replacement app. It has some great features and has always worked flawlessly on my Captivate. You’ll get animated screen previews, 2D & 3D app drawers and can use up to 7 home screens. The shortcut dock is scrollable as well, which is a nice touch. Overall, it’s a great home screen replacement for your Android phone. You can pick up LauncherPro or LauncherPro Plus in the Android Market.

3. Launcher 7

Launcher 7 is a Windows Phone 7 style launcher for your Android phone. It has 2 x 1 tiles, original windows 7 background, and configurable tile colors.  The launcher will really give your phone a different kind of look from the other launchers in the market. There are free & paid versions available, the main difference being that the free one has an ad in the application list.

4.Go Launcher EX

Go launcher EX is another great replacement app that has some really great themes. It supports gestures, has scrollable widgets, and some nice transitions. This is one I ran for awhile before switching, and I never had any issues. Everything runs smoothly, and there are tons of themes available. It’s also free which is always nice.

5. SPB Shell 3D

SPB Shell 3D is a new entry into the homes screen Replacement arena. It’s really a very cool app, with some killer features. The main attraction for most will be the awesome 3D graphics. SPB Shell 3D claims to be the “next generation interface” and it backs it up. It’s the first replacement app of its kind, but it can be glitchy on some phones and is a bit expensive. It’s still worthy of the list, if for no other reason that the “WOW” factor. If you want to give it a try, you can pick it up for 14.95 in the Market.

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