Sunday, April 17, 2011

DJ Rivals Android App

[Android Apps] Bland Corp and its vile henchmen have taken over Nightclub City and it's up to you to reclaim the music! Use rhythm tapping Moves like Bass Drop, Crossfade, and Scratch to put a stop to Bland Corp in your own REAL town, in this one-of-a-kind RPG!

Features include:
* Battle at real places in your neighborhood
* 9 bosses with unique abilities to counter
* 4 Chapters with hilarious cinematics
* Dozens of quests
* 50 Moves to master
* 50 Collectibles to find
* 9 Hit songs
* Highly replayable with hours of content!

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Explanation of permissions:
* Your location (fine GPS location): Used to get nearby businesses to battle in.
* Network communication (full internet access, view network state): Used to communicate with our servers to deliver game content and save your progress. Also used to get your network speed for video streaming.
* Phone calls (read phone state and identity): Used to uniquely identify your device for analytics purposes.
* System tools (retrieve running applications, send sticky broadcast): Used to workaround an Android OS bug where opening DJ Rivals from the Market app or Package Installer causes multiple instances of the game to run. Other running applications are never stored or used. Sticky broadcast is used to update the in-game HUD.

Note for Android OS 2.3.3 users: There is an Android OS bug which may cause UI blackouts and unexpected game restarts. We apologize, and hope to have it resolved soon.

More Documents:
Once you create your avatar—and the game gives you a good variety of options there—you’ll set off on your quest to become the strongest DJ around. Or something. The main idea is that you can go into any building in whatever city you’re in and it will be housing several other DJs for you to engage in musical combat with. Your DJ Rivals, if you will. Selecting an opponent will take you to the rhythm battle sequence, which is easily the highlight of the game.

Here you’ll take turns exchanging blows with your opponent. When it’s your turn, you’ll play a mini-game that has you tapping along to the beat of whatever song is playing. The better you do during this brief sequence, the more powerful your attack will become. And the first person to run out of their health points loses. As you gain experience and cash you’ll be able to unlock new moves that become more complicated, but provide the opportunity to do even more damage.

The rhythm mechanic is fun, and becomes increasingly more challenging as you improve your move-set, but the main problem with DJ Rivals is that’s all you really do. You win battles, earn experience, and then fight in harder battles. It’s very repetitive and, to make matters worse, there’s very little visual variety. Pretty much every city looks the same, so it doesn’t even feel like you’re really making progress and exploring the country as a super cool DJ soldier. The only place where there is some true variety is with the soundtrack, which deftly balances between hip-hop and dance music, with a number of different songs that all fit the game’s theme very well.In addition to the rhythm component, DJ Rivals also has a number of features that are common to social games. There are quests to keep you on track, an energy mechanic that replenishes over time, items to collect, and premium content most easily accessed by paying real-world dollars.
DJ Rivals may look like a hip social/rhythm game hybrid, but in most ways it’s simply beating the same old drum. The great combat mechanic is largely overshadowed by repetitive play and the lack of any real incentive to push forward. There's not much here to keep you playing in the long run, but it is fun while it lasts. But it ends up being a more forgettable one-hit wonder, instead of a smash hit.

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