Thursday, February 3, 2011

HTC Android Driver: HTC Hero Download

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Why can't I synchronize my phone and PC using HTC Sync? 
I want to sync my device with my MAC, am I able to use HTC Sync to do this?
How do I synchronize my phone with my PC?
 What software do I need to synchronize my phone with my PC?
How do I copy files, music and video between my phone and PC?
Every time I connect my phone to a PC running windows XP the Found New Hardware Wizard launches and it says it Cannot Install This Hardware?
Why should I use my Google account with my phone?
Will I lose all my calendar events, contacts and email if I have to perform a factory reset?
Why does synchronization sometimes fail?

HTC Sync Update for HERO (Sprint) (2.0.40) | 09.19.2010

HTC Sync™ lets you synchronize Outlook and Windows Address Book (Outlook Express), contacts and calendar events on your PC with your phone. It also lets you install third-party Android applications on the phone, and the Mobile Network sharing function as well.
Download (38.9 MB)

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