Friday, February 4, 2011

Install Android On Nokia N810

Hi, this section will tell you how to install software on the Nokia N80 phone, Google Android.I hope this post useful.

The successful Android port also includes a working TouchScreen interface, a fully functional browser and Maps integration.
Some clever coders over on have managed to successfully port the Android OS onto the Nokia N810, and have even made it as simple as installing an application.

Installation Instructions

No partitioning needed (136 MB free space needed)
Step #1
Put android.img.bz2 on your memory card
After putting the file on the memory card (either one) there must be 110MB free space on whichever card is holding the android.img.bz2 image.
You can get the file here (See md5sum information below)
Step #2
Then install the deb, this will flash your kernel and give you an icon in extras menu to start Android.
Once complete you just reboot
For more information and guidance installing Android yourself, head on over to the forum thread here:


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