Saturday, February 5, 2011

3DCoche Android Apps

3DCoche Android Apps. We continue to share best android applications. you will love this application
Forget about losing your car at the airport car park, at the mall or outside the football stadium.
Car Finder is an augmented reality app that projects the position of your car on top of the camera view of your mobile phone. Lost your car in a huge parking lot? Can’t remember where you parked your car last? No need to go “Dude, Where’s My Car?” 3DCoche will help you find your car, faster than you can say its name. Using the application is ridiculously easy. Once you park your car, fire up the application and save your current location. The application makes use of Google Maps and Augmented reality, to remember and find your car. Interesting eh?

  • Augmeted reality/Map view
  • Navi. directions
  • Distance indicator
  • Parking timer
  • Notes

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