Sunday, January 1, 2012

HTC Dream X Android 4.0 Smartphone Photos, Review, Specifications

The many fans of HTC devices waiting to discover the news that the producer has prepared for 2012. The CES will be held in January and Mobile World Congress to be held in the month of February will be the best opportunity to start to familiarize yourself with the new device from HTC.
Meanwhile, you can still imagine what will be the development of HTC with many terminals distributed network concept. Among the most recent and interesting to mention one that refers to a high-end smartphone with a large screen in 720 BC 2 GHz dual-core processor, the X Dream HTC talk.
htc dream x

Even before going on to meet the characteristics of hypothetical smartphone runs the mind to 'other device HTC, really existed, including the phone concept takes its name. We speak, of course, the 'HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1) which, remember, was the first smartphone ever to use the Android operating system "off" 2008.

 HTC Dream X Specification
Quad-core 2 GHz Qualcomm
Display 4.7 "with 720p resolution
Android 4.1 Ice Cream Sandwich with Sense 4.0 user interface
12 megapixel camera with Xeon flash
Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi technology to 60 GHz
The device, which you can see more photos to follow, then it seems very thin and is equipped with two pairs of LED at the bottom of the box to make it more aesthetically appealing:
Remember that the phone concept, but rarely lead to a product suitable for marketing are often the main source of inspiration for writers. Do not be surprised if HTC early next year will have a device with similar specifications to those described above.

We’re interacting here with a cellphone that uses a quad primary 2GHz brand from Qualcomm and many it with a 4.7 in. 720p HD display with HTC Unique Display engineering, according to the developer.

HTC dream X operates Operating system 4.1 Ice Treatment Meal with the HTC Sensation 4.0 UI, that also gets a 4.0.9 Try out Student Edition with special programs for learners. The mobile athletics 4 LED signals at the end for a chilly style, a 12.1 mega-pixel digicam with Xenon display, USB 3.0 connection, Wireless 4.0 and WiFi via the new Wlan engineering with 60Ghz consistency. This idea HTC seems amazingly lean and also its frame is fairly little, making me think of an side to side style.

This smartphone’s display looks sharp and clear and I wonder when HTC will start looking at these principles to be able to sketch creativity from them and change its styles. We have to change previous the HTC Feeling unibody and arrive at into a new era…

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