Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Android 4.0 will bypass Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab

Samsung has officially announced that the two popular models of Android-devices Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab will not receive an upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Last week. In support of this post was published a full list of devices in the near future be upgraded to Android 4.0, and just these two models were not included in the coveted list.

This fact greatly upset the many owners of these models. The main reason, according to the developers of the company, is the lack of technical equipment of these models. In particular, Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab can not simultaneously support the operating system, Android 4.0 and proprietary custom shell TouchWiz, moreover, a great challenge is to support a large number of built-in standard applications.

In addition, the device does not have enough RAM for stable operation of Android 4.0. Meanwhile, we note that this explanation can not upgrade to Android 4.0 does not sound very convincing, since the model Samsung Nexus S, which has similar characteristics with the Samsung Galaxy S, will receive a welcome package without any limitations and technical problems. Both models have the same CPU and RAM, but on the other hand Nexus S has no preset user interface TouchWiz.

Thus, the new owners in 2012 for the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab will be marred by the inability of the official updates. But it is a hope that there will be unofficial firmware for these models, which will likely have to abandon the standard user interface, most likely, it was he and a stumbling block for a seamless upgrade.

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