Sunday, January 1, 2012

Android for kids: smart phone as a gift for a child in 2012

You can buy an android phone to your child. Android smartphone is becoming more welcome gift for the new year for kids. It is already difficult to meet a child who walks even in the first grade of secondary school without the phone.
In this paper we attempt to consider whether to give Android-smartphone on what factors to select and indicate the specific models that are now sold in the official Russian retail. The first is to say that Android is no longer a kind of platform for geeks, it is easy to learn and rich in possibilities. Prices on Android-smartphone just getting to the budgetary levels and a low-cost device is not a pity to give even smartly tomboy. In addition, Android will enjoy the simplicity of a child-tuning (different themes and launcher for Android a great many) for yourself and no need for special software to download music, videos or pictures. Conclusion -

Android-smartphone is ideal as a first phone for the modern child. Further, we all know that the choice of smartphone for the child based on the size of the family budget and understanding that careful handling of the device can be expected only during the week, especially if the child - a boy. If the child - a girl, the situation is different, but spent the first or second phone will not advisable. Take the average of the phone for a child, let alone a baby, should be cheaper than 9000 rubles. In this price range, Android-smartphones in general have similar specifications, but we will try to pick up a few devices that will suit most. Samsung Galaxy Ace. A good smartphone with a classic design from the Korean company. Has a good brightness screen with a diagonal of 3.5 inches and the camera 5 megapixel (which is quite normal for a child to take pictures of classmates). The smartphone Android 2.3 installed and a proprietary shell TouchWiz 3.0.

 In addition to Android Market, is in the Galaxy Ace and Android-store applications from Samsung, it is possible to buy books and music for quite reasonable prices. This will teach the child the understanding that the same music to buy, not steal the web.

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman. A good budget Android with proprietary cover from Sony Ericsson. The shell is quite decent and not inferior to the famous HTC Sense. In addition to the main-Megapixel camera in a smartphone, there are front, so you can always talk to a child with the video to see where he is. Of course, the smartphone has been charged decaying energy brand Walkman, but for today's children is the name - an empty phrase.
LG E510 Optimus Hub. New company with a fairly simple and not pretentious design, good functional Android 2.3 Gingerbread is combined with a nice firm shell, which is somewhat similar to the TouchWiz (two companies of South Korea). Plus, this smart phone that does not attract undue attention of local bullies (which is, in any school) to call the child.
HTC Explorer. The new smartphone from known and popular companies from Taiwan. HTC Explorer has quite a good processor, but it's important for children and a very mediocre camera (unfortunately). The main highlight of the smartphone - a proprietary shell HTC Sense 3.5, which among other things will help a child in a convenient way to keep track of your spending. Of course, it's not all smart phones in this price category. But this list of at least shows that for 9000 rubles, you can buy a very decent Android-smartphone primary level.

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