Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich will have hardware acceleration for applications

We could say that we already know virtually all the features of the new version of Android.I am referring to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and the few missing know van coming to light every day, today we have one more.

We have recently learned of a new feature of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.It is quite interesting, this new version of Android will come with hardware acceleration which we will provide users with a greater smoothness and speed of graphic reproduction and animations.

In addition, it also improves the overall performance of the applications that we have installed. Thanks to this it is hoped that those applications that ran something slow are improved in terms of performance. The people of Google has summarized this as follows:

"All transactions made by the pack of tools of the user interface are carried out by the graphics processing unit. Will be pleased to know that Android 4.0 brings a new functionality of rendering accelerated by GPU on smartphones, which will begin with the Galaxy Nexus. This acceleration is enabled by default for all applications."

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