Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Acer Iconia smart

Android mobile phones of Acer  has been rather a niche in the Cheap segment Â-. But if you have no great phones produces, you can try it once even with large, they thought the developer probably in the design of the new Acer Iconia smart: a 4.8 inch display in the aspect ratio of 21:9 sets all competitors in the shade. Throughout the 1024 ×480 pixels to fit, what the display to a quarter longer power, than that of other smartphones. You'll notice is with this phone so make sure, whether it is also convenient, depends on the application.
While Acer in the Android mobile phones still no bestsellers succeeded, has the Acer Iconia tablet on the market can be good to argue. Now we are attempting to apparently, the Tablet success to a few numbers small to repeat, because of a cell phone you can here almost no longer speak:
With 141.7 64.5 × ×13.6 mm size dominates the Iconia smart even samsungâ's galaxy S II to 2cm, and is still a bit narrower. Also the weight of 185 grams is not everyone's thing, samsungâ's 4.3 -inch alternative brings to a third less on the scales, the already available on the market 5 inch phone Dell streak can the Iconia smart but to undercut 40 grams.

To ensure the purchaser receives a display which, at least in a direction already Tablet-Ausma� size has been achieved, and therefore the reading of texts or to regard of movies in widescreen format improves. Extent to which this exotic picture format but can be truly useful, largely depends on whether the used Apps the additional width also can use it really makes sense. The targeting of angry birds could improve in any case, if the horizonalen Scrolls will disappear.
The summing of the Iconia smart is located in the field of other Oberklassehandys, however, from the year 2010: a 1GHz SNAPDRAGON CPU with 512MB of memory, 8GB memory plus optional microSD card. It supports the fast HSDPA transmission standards (14 MBit/s) and wireless-n. The usual amenities with Bluetooth 2.1 , GPS, 3.5 -mm jack and FM radio is still a HDMI output complements.
Photos can be the mobile phone with 8MP to pick up and with a small LED light lightening, the in the night also can serve as a small flashlight. Videos can be with 720p HD resolution, be prepared for Videotelefonate is still a second 2MP camera on the front panel.
The Riesenhandy is expected in mid-September 2011 with Android 2.3 together with Acer UI 4.2 surface come on the market and then about 500 Euro costs. has the Acer Iconia smart already listed.

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