Monday, October 31, 2011

Breakup Alarm for Android, interesting application

Breakup Alarm for Android, interesting application.No doubt that social networks have taken important users impressive in this last time, especially Facebook, the most used at this time. As for Android app you can download the official as well as some accessories for this social network.
One of these gadgets or Facebook applications related to Breakup Alarm for Android is a very simple application in the Android Market available for download, with which you can display in a sentimental state list all your contacts from Facebook.

I mean, really every one of your contacts with a picture, name and state, and was released @ @ Casad, Engaged @, etc. The most interesting is that you can set an alarm when any of these conditions change, with a beep, vibration and message in the status bar.

A simple but useful app for that 's who are expecting a singleness of contact. Then leave the QR code Breackup Alarm for Android, which you can scan with Barcode Scanner to proceed to download from the Android Market directly.

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