Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The new android app that makes entry into Nursery and: Copter En! Copter En! And a simple but fun game. The aim is to fly a helicopter as far as possible without hurling or crashes against an obstacle.
Play is very simple, tap the screen and keep in balance the helicopter. Taking pressed, the airplane will increase of market share. The difficulty lies in maintaining the correct height and avoid obstacles as they arise. It is possible to play with a friend, thanks to the support of the multitouch game will recognize the presence of two fingers on the screen, so you better if it is played on a large screen.
The best chopper flying game along Android! Do you have the skills for it? Now is out to try! Bullock the helicopter in a very tunnel, but usually do not hit the undermine or obstacles, like a toxic waste barrel, or you will be smashed into million pieces. How significantly can you fly? Do you hold the guts to fly front two copters at the same time in challenge manner? You can too challenge your friend in 2 player mode! Try it out now and air your score towards the global high sexual conquest list to see your rank! Have playfulness! Game Features: - Convention and fast copters - Casual, Challenge, and a couple player game methods - Global high results - Beautiful graphics and also superb gameplay!
THE application is available to the Market, you will find below the link to download it.

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