Monday, October 10, 2011

How To Black Flashing Optimus (kdz)

        You need:Here is a guide to flash LG Optimus Black, it is easy to understand for everyone. LG Android Phones. Before you proceed, you need to understand one thing: I’m not responsible for any damage or brick, you are doing this at your own risk! Let’s start flashing. LG Phone Problem and Solution To Flash a ROM for your LG Optimus Black you first need to meet the following pre requisites :

KDZ the flash image with 1 & 1 brand (there still is no unbranded): V10A_00.kdz
Windows Enabler LG B2CTool

An LG P970 If you have everything together, it can even start (because I have a 64 bit OS is based on the instructions of this and the problems that exist as    a result):

  I) Installs B2CTools LG
 1) Unzip and then installs KDZ_FW_UPD_EN.7z msxml.msi
 2) Delete the mfc42.dll, since this is not 64 bit compatible

 3) Extract the Windows Enabler, this is needed to restore the functionality, which disappeared by
    deleting the dll is

  4) Remove the battery from your LG and put it on while holding down the Volume Up button on the USB        
     and wait until the drivers are installed (should be on the phone, "S / W upgrade Please wait while      
     upgrading ...  'to be read)

 5) Open your device manager and disable the modem under LGE Mobile USB Modem


 6) Starts KDZ_FW_UPD.exe

 7) Run Windows as Administrator Enabler.exe

 8) Bottom right of the taskbar is the icon for Windows Enabler. Left click on it this one (Is it big "On" on the        

9) In the Software Updater now in "KDZ file" select the V10A_00.kdz

10) To "launch software update" click Let 11), the tool by running until the phone reboots! (Error in the log
     can be ignored) After the phone reboots first time, DO NOT UNPLUG USB CABLE!!! WAIT!!      
     Remove USB cable only after the log says that the flash was OK!

12) The flashing process is now finished. Under a 32 bit OS, steps 2), 3), accounts for 7) and 8) if necessary.    
      I unfortunately can not test here. Everything, of course without guarantee! Thanks.

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