Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HDR Camera+ App for Android

Scenes from real life often have a wide range of intensity of the light, that cannot be captured by a camera. In a photo of a scene the brighter areas aspect washing and all in the shadow is represented as a black point, without details. The technical HDR allows you to capture details in bright areas and dark, and the have been merged into a single photo. HDR Photography is widely adopted by professional photographers. Wouldn't it be good to have a HDI in mobile phones? The problem is that HDR requires take several images of different exposure in this series, which must be aligned and fused. In order that they may use for the scenes of real life, the role HDR should include the detection of moving objects and giving a hand to the compensation for avoiding or minimizing the phantom effect in the final image. That requires a large amount of computing resources and makes a challenge even for professionals of desktop software HDR Almalence has brought his experience in professional software HDR to mobile phones. Our algorithms for the fusion HDR compensate shaking hands and detect moving objects in the scene, the artifacts from the abolition of phantom images. At the same time, the algorithms are fast enough to provide the processing time comfortable on mobile devices.
Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher For a high quality of HDR images in high resolution For a high quality of images of high dynamic range: - Original Resolution - Take the image HDR in a single touch - The image HDR fused and the tone of mapping, in the device in a matter of seconds - Do not have to be solid as a rock during the filming - A proper handling of objects in motion and ghost- - You can control the allocation of the parameters of tone: On the contrary, micro-On the contrary, the liveliness of the color, exposure - Save original images of exposure between square brackets - Location of labelling - Shutter sound can be muted - Support for flash on/off/auto Introducing Pro HDR Camera, the world's first real HDR app with regard to Android! From they that created Pro HDR for iOS, now you can automatically create arresting full-resolution HDR images along with just a individual tap on the Android phone. Take note that this application has been time-tested to work decently on Motorola, The brand new htc and most Samsung phones. However, if you have a LG, The, or other device, the HDR capableness may not function properly. Full performance has been verified on the pursuit phones: * HTC: Bombshell, EVO 4G, MyTouch 4G, G2, Incredible, Want, Legend, Bravo * Moto: Droid, Droid two, Droid X * Check out the: Galaxy S, Larger-than-life 4G Sorry, CM7 is not supported. Coming soon! We've just launched Pro HDR Photographic camera for Android, but here are a few professional reviews individuals iPhone version: "If you ever issue photos using your iPhone, this application is a moldiness-have." - Gizmodo "Pro HDR leaps ahead of the pack... Even if you are not into HDR photography, this really is one to check out." - TUAW "Picture İdol: Pro HDR automatically aligns and mixes the images, giving you a perfectly open, amazing image that rivals a high-end point-and also-shoot camera" - NBC Los Angeles Because of Pro HDR Television camera, you no yearner have to select from a blown-away sky or A hopelessly dark foreground. Bringing automatic mellow dynamic range picture taking to your Android phone for initially ever, Pro HDR captures a graphic exposed for the particular highlights and another exposed for the actual shadows. It so aligns and combines the images, providing you a gorgeous HDR image around 8 megapixels immaterial you've ever seen from such a little device. Unlike fake HDR apps which merely take an individual photo and recycle it (without in reality adding any new detail), Pro HDR massively extends the dynamic array of your camera as well as produces beautiful results that you need to see to think. We provide a completely automatic mode, and an assisted Manual of arms mode for those times when you wish to choose your accurate exposures. Finally, you are able to take stunning mellow-resolution photos of those scenes that are just too contrasty to gaining control in a unmarried picture. Not only will seasoned photography enthusiasts instantly fall crazy about Pro HDR, one look at our example images should convince anyone which Pro HDR represents a new epoch in mobile photography. Check out the gallery here: http://www.eyeappsllc.com/Drift.html Pro HDR Camera for Android comes using these incredibly useful features: • Automatic in-app HDR capture, in which all you want to do is tap in order to capture • Manual inward-app photo gaining control, where you get to choose the photo of each image in your HDR • Proprietary effigy alignment algorithm which precisely aligns wide-size images in seconds • Sophisticated effigy blending creates one beautiful output simulacrum nearly instantly • Live-updating image modification sliders to perfect your HDR: Pick the perfect brightness, dividing line, saturation, warmth, and tint, or let Pro HDR mechanically maximize image choice. • Take pictures exploitation hardware buttons (book up/down or perhaps the shutter button in case your phone has 1) • Silent capture (dumb your shutter sounds for quiet capture) • Fullscreen image preview in portrait as well as landscape orientation • Save HDR images on the full resolution of one's camera, up to eight megapixels • Seamless background processing that renders your HDRs while you retain on shooting • Reinforced-in HDR drift view to browse, share, and re-edit your HDRs • Share your HDRs with the planet with e-chain mail, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, and more IMPORTANT: Pro HDR Camera demands Android 2.two (Froyo) or afterwards. Pro HDR Photographic camera works on Moto, HTC and Check out the devices. The photograph functions on LG phones and the particular Nexus S seem to be broken, so HDR functionality will likely not work (though the rest of the features will). The Nexus S does not truly adjust the particular exposure, but appears to darken or lighten up the image inward software as a post-processing dance step. CM7 Not supported!


  1. Does anyone have actual photos using this app?

    I've been using Camera360's HDR (heavy) feature and I've got some pretty good looking shots except for all of the noise that it creates.

    Example: http://peregrineplatform.wordpress.com/2011/11/07/in-the-car/

    If someone knows of an app that takes better HDR photos with less noise I'd definitely like to see some examples

  2. I've used the free (non-paid) version and found it to work well. A series of photos (3, it seems) is taken and combined for a composed HDR which can still be post-processed.
    It also saves the original images (possibly allowing tweaks on a computer), but on my LG (as stated) all originals are taken with the same exposure. Somehow the end result is still improved (maybe the resolution is improved, I don't know).
    Does a nice job about compensating shaking.
    All in all, recommended for improved quality photos.