Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dolphin Browser™ HD Download

Developed for the Android operating system is an excellent Internet browser. Since the release of Dolphin Browser HD, we've been working hard to develop new powerful add-ons, improve the performance and fix a lot of bugs. Many of those bugs and suggestions were reported by you, our users, and we really appreciate that. This time we are working hard on improving the performance and speed. We made Dolphin browser HD 2 blazing fast comparing to the old version. Moreover, we dedicate to developing new add-ons for you. Here comes the APK of BETA Dolphin Browser HD 2. You can download it and have a taste by yourself. Any suggestion or feedback is warmly welcomed!


Hightlights :
  • Highly compatible with Froyo 2.2 (support flash)
  • New powerful Add-ons
  • Multi-touch Pinch Zoom
  • RSS Feed Detector
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • New User Interface
  • User Agent
  • Gesture Commander
  • Volume Key Page Scroller
  • Bookmarks Sorting
    What’s new!
  • New add-ons: Adblocker, Password Manager, Screen Cut, etc.
  • User experience improvement:
       1. Add add-on toolbar :Slide right to access add-on bar, a quick way to choose add-ons.
       2. Add bookmark side bar :Slide left to access bookmark side bar, choose bookmarks or view most visited sites.
       3. Adding “Home” button and "Full Screen" toggle
       4. Slide up/down in add-on toolbar to show the windows


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