Friday, January 20, 2012

+ Google has over 90 million users

 + Google, Google's own social network, has over 90 million users. This is evident from the quarterly figures that the search giant Thursday night presented.

 Google has announced that its social networking still well on the rise. Thus doubled the number of Google + members in the past three months, and was alone a total of 20 million Americans in December a new profile on the network.

 80 + percent of all Google users log in on a weekly basis according to Google's network and 60 percent even daily on Facebook to find competitor. Google seems to negate this the messages that many users ignore Google +. How the figures were calculated, however, Google is not known.

Besides the positive news about Google + Google knows during the presentation also reported that there are now 250 million Android-enabled devices in circulation. In addition, every day another 700,000 new devices activated. The numerator of the total number of apps that is downloaded from the Android Market is now on 11000000000.

 The main purpose of the presentation was of course the announcement of financial results for the fourth quarter. And although the company does not meet the expectations of analysts, shows that Google still knows the upward trend to hold.

 Besides a sales increase of 25 percent to $ 10.58 billion, the company booked in the fourth quarter of 2011 a profit of $ 3.51 billion. 20 percent more than the $ 2.91 billion from the same period one year earlier.

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