Wednesday, November 9, 2011

[Review] SonyEricsson Xperia Arc S

Like it or not, but it seems that all mobile equipment manufacturers are doing it. While working on a new tube, taken by the old flagship foundation (which, incidentally, is still relevant and in demand in the market), add a couple fishechek credited with «S» of the title and releases for the amusement of the public concerned, not later than six months after the start of sales of the original a monster. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is no longer the latest phone from the famous for its original Android-solutions company. New Arc S, in many respects similar to it, in a hurry to change it. Appearance? Of course, it is similar to the original. Viscera and most of them passed by inheritance from the Arc. Different, except for CPU, which received an additional 400 MHz, which means that now the tube is at the disposal of whole 1.4GHz. Well, 3D-panoramas can now be removed, and then examine them on the huge screens of modern TVs. But this is to start with. Let's start with a more detailed overview of the most important, the author's part.


Housing Xperia Arc S convex, almost the same as the smartphone of the predecessor. Relief, stylish phone that is simply different from the black remnants that we see here and there every day. On review we got white smartphone, which shows itself like no other. The tube is not just new, it is fresh! But be that as it may, there is a little bit of tar in the ointment. Cover, behind which the battery is not made at the highest level. More precisely, it is not as good as any other body parts.

On / off button located on the upper end of the device. On the other hand, there can be found micro-HDMI port for connecting the device to different reproducing devices. What kind of big screens. The right and left ends and filled with connectors and buttons. They're there under the screen. Although, what buttons 4.2-inch screen, I do not understand. Especially since this, under which there is an additional small screen with permanent icons (well, for quick access). No front camera, and it makes once again fall into a stupor. The problem is that the front camera is even economical Xperia Neo, but neither Xperia Arc, nor Xperia Arc S does not. This mysticism, which compels us to take another look at the premium class. Manufacturer, of course, no comments about this does not, the camera simply no point. We Softpedia buttons, so he has an obvious disadvantage, no lights. For several generations, the tubes come out with this obvious drawback, but it still can not fix anybody. We see a lot of time it takes to produce dozens of dissimilar pipes. Think of such trifles do not have time. Although, if you think people use handsets SonyEricsson years. Uncomfortable, perhaps, only the first couple of weeks. After that, everyone can remember that the left-right three buttons mean "Back", "Home" and "Menu".


4.2-inch screen is not only large but also very high quality. Different analogues. Sony managed to achieve stunning results on the resolution of 854h480. From time to time even thinking about a small miracle that must necessarily be given the excellent richness and sharpness. Not everyone, of course, looks like magic, there are restrictions such as the quality of the pictures and videos. But, for example, menu items are made very cool. Sometimes it is sad from the fact that most of this unit is squeezed out only in the menu, but not in some third-party applications. True, a small setback, this screen still suffers during rotation of the screen. Super AMOLED Plus behaves in this case a little bit better.


Vosmimegapikselnaya Exmor R sensor is familiar to all owners of the original SonyEricsson Xperia Arc S. Well, who with her had no experience of treatment, certainly knows about it in reviews. Densely settled sensor in each top tube SonyEricsson. To say there is more of a software update, which added a lot of interesting camera features and options. For example, in order to take a picture, now do not need much effort. And the application itself has become much smarter. There are several new scene modes, and the most tasty among them - this, of course, close-up. And, of course, the camera appeared touch-focus. This means that it is now to focus on a specific item in a frame on it, only need only tapnut, and here the focus is already on it. Very convenient and proven by many generations of tubes, not only the production of SonyEricsson and working not only on Android. White balance can rebuild almost by hand, but it is better to use standard sets. But most importantly, in a new Arc S is a two-position button "closure." Everything in the "big" cameras, which makes pre-simply tap the camera to take the right automatic settings, and the subsequent indentation buttons into the case - take a picture. Such as smartphones, perhaps, was not encountered.

Speaking of video, the Xperia Arc S removes a resolution of 720p, while maintaining a sufficiently high detail even from a distance. But with the movements of a sensor observed a small problem. Large moving objects necessarily smeared out, that is no good at almost any shot on camera smartphone video. Anyway, I would like to be able to shoot in 1080p. Given the increase in processor performance. But apparently not this time. This, apparently, is expected only from the dual Xperia.


Shell Android Gingerbread (more precisely, this modification of it) is quite standard for SonyEricsson. Especially for Xperia Arc S. At times it even seems that in your hands a good old Xperia Arc, the operating system is upgraded to Android 2.3.4. The same icons, same registration screen, the same Facebook Layer, which is so easy to use and with which it is easy not only for other people's updates to follow, but the most update their status. And anyway, this one-way integration with Facebook is pleasantly surprising. Contacts, messages, mail, and so-forth. All that users typically synchronize with Google. A nice moment with rising popularity in Russia this social network.

By the way, there is an office on Facebook. Welcome to click a link and join everyone to read our publications and there, too.
In addition, this device is, finally, full-time function screenshot. This option is very popular and useful observers who are tired of using artisanal and programming tools. Well, the browser on a 4.2-inch screen works just fine. Thanks to all the pumped processor scrolling and zummitsya put it mildly, is ideal.

Established keyboard has also received an update in the form of input possibilities svaypom, which can be enabled in the settings of the device. It works exactly as svayp on devices Samsung. That is, the text entry is required to drive a finger on the keyboard until you enter the right word. Of course, success also required to comply with the correct order of letters, rather than just drive a finger across the screen. Also in the SonyEricsson taken care of the lovers of old phones. There is an option to use dvenadtsatiknopochnoy keyboard. A very convenient option for connoisseurs of how T9. And even for those who QWERTY-keyboard buttons seem small. However, there is nothing unusual about many of these features were at all even the oldest models of handsets are not only on the SE, but also any other manufacturer. Perhaps the most significant innovation is the case with the Xperia Arc S in the ability to shoot 3D panoramas.

The most amazing thing in the novelty that the camera in a vehicle, and the 3D effect can be achieved through software solutions. Do I need it really? I doubt it. Especially given the fact that on the small screen picture is almost indistinguishable, either you promised 3D, no normal definition. But if you start increasing the diagonal, then we take the larger screen, the more you want to move away from the source, which displays an image. Yes, and in the clarity of the image, of course, there is a loss. In general, the main feature SonyEricsson Xperia Arc S very much debatable in view of their own inferiority, and in some places and wretchedness.

By itself, Stitch is also full of restrictions. Then behaving tube too slowly or too quickly. And you need this beast in a white body, to understand, it is often very difficult. Optical stabilizer, naturally, no not provided, so often the gluing is not the best way. Helps to solve the problem tripod. But are not going to carry around the same stand? However, switching to 2D solves most of these problems. But for 2D because there are lots of other devices! Yes, and you continue to talk about software solutions, the end of 2011 SonyEricsson promised update for all version of Android Xperia. This does not mean that all the tubes will be Ice Cream Sandwich, but at least wait for 2.3.5 should have something to fix it and even what to add.

What else?

Performance of the device, as expected, somewhat higher than the original now obsolete Xperia Arc. Qudrant for Xperia Arc S points to 200 points higher and in Nenamark 2 rose from 13.3 to 14.2. Increase in performance is noticeable, especially in web browsing. Now, for example, even overloaded with graphics and animation sites open faster, and navigate it does not turn on cookies in swimming kiselnym spills. Also, "acceleration" was good for applications that support streaming media of different color. Well, like Internet radio or popular YouTube and Vimeo.

The battery in the Xperia Arc S is the same as in the original model (1500 mA / h), but because, in fact, a slight increase in CPU time of her discharge about the same. However, perhaps there was location optimization software part. Usually it helps to save precious miliAmpery. If we talk about numbers, then in the process of testing the machine managed to squeeze about six hours of video, then the phone yet finalized and until the evening. Well, given the fact that during the day several times been used quite voracious Wi-Fi, the browser used, about two hours listening to music, the post came on Technology Push, and yet from time to time came to notice the different social networks. So, if you use the Xperia Arc S exclusively for business purposes, then at least a couple of days without recharging the battery should be enough. Especially worth to recommend this phone to people of the body, that the quality of communications apparatus simply amazing. This was achieved thanks to the second microphone, which simply does not miss a single other person of your word. "Smart" system is not simply dampens noise, but it highlights the voice of its owner. Very cool implementation of an interesting idea.

As a result, it is recognized that Xperia Arc S - a great phone, one of the best smartphones in its class. Yes, the machine can do little to boast of before the original Xperia Arc, but the latter is already in principle to forget, as he appeared a worthy replacement. 3D Panorama Sweep is really good, but you can not even imagine that this feature will ever be the main smartphones whatever was the ruler. Proapgreyzhenny processor does not provide a big boost, but it eliminates a number of deficiencies and removes explicit lags, because of which the Xperia Arc inogdaprosto wanted to knock about anything.

However, perhaps there is a strong hand at the Xperia Arc S. For example, its screen and the camera. That's what love is this machine and that's why he can compete with even the flagship Samsung - Galaxy S II. Xperia Arc S is available for purchase in Europe for £ 340 (or about $ 529), which is also a very competitive price.


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  2. Sony Ericson Xperia is one of the tiniest Android smartphones I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Being lightweight and small are the reason why most people love it.