Thursday, September 15, 2011

A single client to manage all your social networks on android

Seesmic is an application to manage your social network on Android. It is possible to update Facebook status through a single interface and manage your own Twitter account, Google and Salesforce Chatter Buzz.

Among the features of this Android application, the ability to share photos and video using services like Plixi, Yfrog, TwitPic, and YouTube. It can also receive updates and notifications in real-time synchronized with each account.
All functions:

  • Facebook integration, including management and access to fan pages administered
  • Twitter profile management. Support for multiple accounts, cross-posting, list management, retweets, integration with Twitlonger tweets for up to 140 characters
  • Buzz integration of links and videos and preview
  • Integration with Salesforce Chatter (a leading micro-blogging platforms and internal communications)
You can watch the video for more information about the aplication.

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