Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friday Android App

 Questions like:
- Calls which I made when I was in Paris
- All mails I received on last Monday.
- Songs which I listened when the phone was charging.

Do you realize how powerful your smartphone is?
If not, Friday will make you realize. Just install Friday and it will track every activity of yours. The places you go, the calls you make, your texts, your language everything.

You can just ask Friday questions about your life and Friday will give you answers. Friday can understand English and answer pretty much anything about your life, that the phone can track.

Friday is like your faithful companion which keep track of your life.

Friday is also like a Journal and you can go back to any day of your life and see what you did.

Friday can give you detailed analytics of your patterns. Like
- How much calls you make to your girlfriend,
- how many places you visited yesterday etc.

With Friday, you never forget any moment of your life. Your life is always a question away!
There is much more you can do with Friday, use it and know for yourself.

Stop thinking. Start asking.

Recent changes:

New Features
* Friday Trivia
* Friday Widget

Friday is in Private alpha. First register at and once you receive an invite, you can download the app from Android market.

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