Saturday, April 16, 2011

Innobell - More than words

[Android Apps] you use the internet with many sites in a single device brings the application. Is an excellent application.Watch videos, play games, share photos, and more all within a chat session or a phone call. Innobell provides several social add-ons including Facebook, YouTube, PayPal and Google Maps that people can use during their chats or calls.

*If you are using Google Voice please register with your normal number - NOT your GV number.
*We did not test the app on Galaxy Tablet.
*We do ... Read Morenot support small screens
List of available Add-ons:

- Location
You can send or receive textual and visual map location

- Rock Paper Scissors Game
Playing games against each other while on the phone or chat is an unprecedented experience

- PayPal
Wire money effortlessly and securely via Paypal while on the phone with your buddy

- Browser
Sharing websites while communicating with your buddy turns into a face to face conversation

- YouTube
Share your favorite youtubes with your buddies with our YouTube addon

- Facebook
Share photos and activity from facebook

- Send Contact information
Send contact numbers to your friends

- Wikipedia
Share the learning of fun facts with our Wikipedia addon

 The call features will work on all Android GSM/LTE phones. The chat features will work on Android phones and later on on all platforms (iPhone/RIM).

Recent changes:
- Added: Landscape mode for chat!
- Bug Fixed: Location
- Bug Fixed: Facebook default link.
- Bug Fixed: Invitation in the US is now working!
- Bug Fixed: Registration
Please send me an email with more details if you find something.

Thanks to Dan Monzelowsky for the help!

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