Tuesday, March 1, 2011


New Android App. LoanShark is a cash/item loan management application for personal use.
For example, if you lend or borrow money or items to/from people, you can create entry of each loan in LoanShark and easily keep track of who owes what and to whom.

 Set alarm reminders - Payment history - Add more debt to an outstanding loan - Set item loan collateral amount
What’s new in v1.01
FIX: Multiple concurrent alarms now supported - FIX: Reboot preserves existing alarms - FIX: Deleting a loan that has an alarm set no longer causes a crash on bootup - FIX: Quantity is now hidden for single item loans - FIX: Alarm can no longer be set to occur in the past - FIX: Removed past alarms from manage loan views - NEW: Additional graphics

Known bug/issues: - The hour field when picking due/alarm times will be empty or display a wrong value if device orientation is changed

Free version of the LoanShark app. Keeps track of how much money people owe you. Calculates simple, compound, and continuously compounded interest.

Free version has ads and only allows five loans to be stored at a time.

Note: Not compatible with Gingerbread (Android 2.3)

Package: com.scooterdev.loanshark.free

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