Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Best HTC EVO Android Apps Download

HTC mobile device can use a section where you can find the best android applications prepared. In this section you can find the impressions of the HTC phone to use Android applications

The hottest and most anticipated Android smartphone of 2010, HTC Evo 4G for Sprint, has finally launched for mass consumer purchase! . Each link has a full Android app review with screenshots, some videos and links to download the apps and games. Let’s get started:
Android Apps Just for Evo: That said, we’d like to recommend more than 30 of the best Android apps and games for your Evo:

We know you’ll love the Qik HD and YouTube HD built-in apps, but fring caters to the HTC Evo in a special way as it is the world’s first Android app to offer free video calling via Skype using the front facing camera.
Classic Hot Android Apps:

Here’s some oldie but goodie Android Apps that have been around for quite some time because they’re quite frankly good apps!

Besides hanging out on try AppBrain Market Sync which lets you find Android Apps from their website and sync downloads to the phone plus apps recommendations , manage and search files on your SD Card with Astro File Manager, Twidroid was one of the first and still reigning Twitter clients for Android, ShopSavvy lets you scan all kinds of barcodes to get better pricing on products you may be overspending on, and Exchange by Touchdown still holds the benchmark for Microsoft Exchange email on Android.

High-End Android Games:

There are plenty of fun and addictive games, however we’re sticking to the high-end 3D games you should buy for your high-end Evo!

Many titles from Gameloft are good provided you get the ones from the Android Market as going through their website still is a nightmare; which is the reason why we’re only recommending one thus far, the fast paced 3D racer Asphalt 5. Another awesome 3D racer is Raging Thunder 2, high octane 3D accelerometer game Speedx 3D, dogfight aircraft battles with Armageddon Squadron, slug out online homerun derby with Homerun Battle 3D, shoot it out with Hockey Nations 2010 and throw in some brain twisting horror suspense with  

Mystique. Chapter 3: Obitus.

Pssst… wanna see video previews of 100 Android games? Check this out!
Drop Your Jaw WOW Factor Android Apps:

Shazam listens to and tells you the song playing, Google Goggles sees your search and tells you what it is, Google Sky Map lets you see the stars from anywhere anytime… literally, and Layar Reality Browser uses augmented reality to convey a host of information, facts and even social on camera.
Music Apps:

These apps top almost everyone’s list even Verizon’s DROID App Showcase because they show sheer innovation in bending possibilities with mobile applications:

There are a ton of cool music and multimedia apps but we’ll only list a few of the coolest:

The HTC music player pwns Android’s default music player but doubleTwist Player and ³ (aka Cubed) Music Player pwns them. Here are some awesome streaming music players that you don’t need to sync any MP3 tracks; Pandora Radio, Slacker Radio, Rhapsody Music or Personal Radio.
Trick Out That Evo Apps:

Home and Open Home have hundreds of themes and icons packs in the Market, SlideScreen takes the most unique approach of streaming email, calendar, text messages and more to your home screen… no need to open several apps when it’s all in one place. GDE Home puts a different interactive twist on the home screen, and ADW.Launcher gives granular controls over your home screen and app launcher features.

The HTC Sense user interface with huge digital clock, Contacts, Twitter, and Facebooks widgets are extremely cool on the Evo, but if you want to trick out your phone’s home screen… try a few of these home screen replacement apps:

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